For one reason.

When the wind blows in with its haunting howls,
And I’m falling down,
I can get back up for one reason,
I know you care…

About the things that I never get to say,
About the things that make me who I am,
And all the things I will not do for reasons only you see through.

When the sky caves in and the waters fall,
And they’re rising above my head,
I hold my breath for one reason,
I know you’ll be there…

When my opponents win the games they like to play
When the load is more than I could ever bear,
And I wonder why I’m here when you’ve already made it clear.

You’ve led me by example,
You’ve served the ones you love,
When tested under fire,
You’ve proved enough….

When the earth moves and the clouds are dark,
And I’m dismissed by the crowds with just one glance,
I stand my ground for one reason,
I know you did it, too.