But God.

I was beyond repair,
Desperate, with a yearning
That, despite my greatest efforts, could not be satisfied.
My wounds were real,
Although they were not all bleeding,
They caused a pain which could not be denied.

And in my ability to reason,
I found no reason for the chaos;
My answer lasted until another took its place.
The world kept shifting,
Adjusting, readjusting,
I grew weary clearly running a prize-less race.

But God,
He knew me in my weakness,
having known what life is like in flesh and bone,
He showed me mercy, and though I was undeserving,
In His love and boundless kindness chose to call me as His own.

Then it began,
I could see His word was infinitely different
Than the things I had accepted in the finiteness of men.
There is truth!
In His standards I found freedom
Apart from which my slavery to wavering I could not comprehend.

And God,
He sees me as His child,
Having put to death my sin through the righteousness of Christ,
He leads me on, even though I often stumble,
Through His grace I know forgiveness, by His sacrifice I live!

Now I have hope,
It’s an everlasting promise,
It’s not the kind of thing that humans can destroy.
My fear is gone,
With only God as my foundation
I can look forward to an eternity of peace, and rest, and joy….

Where God,
Having fulfilled all His words,
Will be glorified forever by all peoples in that day,
We’ll bless His name, of endless love always reminded
Because we will be serving
the Lamb who was slain.

Copyright BG 2014