Meet BJ, a living reminder of God’s goodness.

BJ comes from humble, horrifying beginnings. After his birth, his mother left him in a sewer. A passerby heard faint cries, and located BJ in the bottom of a pit. BJ was not doing well, and the man who found him went to great lengths to save his life. BJ technically should not have made it this far, but God had plans for him.

He was placed in an orphanage, where friends of mine in Kenya, who had been praying for a little boy, were told about his arrival. They began to go through the tricky “legal” process of adopting him, and finally were able to bring him home. At this point they were just guardians, awaiting the rest of the process and were not legally his parents – but God had provided BJ a loving home. This is BJ that day, not even a year old…..


Little did they know, his new parents had begun one of the most trying, stressful, and sanctifying journeys they had ever experienced. The legal process was inconsistent at best, but they kept at it. After many tears, disappointing court cancelations, trips across Africa, lots of uncertainty, and with an abundance of prayers, the day they had eagerly longed for came.

Yesterday, after more than two years of BJ being their son, the court officially recognized his adoption. Praise God for His loving-kindness! On BJ’s third birthday, he and his family were given the blessing of being together “forever” – as God intended. From the violence of his beginnings in the sewer, to the love and peace of a family who needed him; God worked miraculously in their story – to His glory!

Here is BJ now…..



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